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“To reach the eagle with an arrow, you have to aim at the moon.” -Og Mandino

Many years ago I read this phrase in a modest little book that my father gave me. Today, looking back at my past, I see how many times I missed the moon and how many "eagles" I reached.

The path of martial art proposes the acquisition of certain goals and the establishment of a healthy code of values.
I must be honest in saying that I have often fallen short in the pursuit of those goals and ethical codes.
And on many occasions this happens, but the important thing is to apply the few tools that were acquired and continue in search of the path that I have set for myself, knowing that when you want to establish goals or a code of values, invitations and temptations will always appear. and obstacles to NOT complying with them. And that's part of.

How many times have I dragged myself to the Dōjo because I don't want to go?
And it happens to me in other areas of my life too.
I think I'm not alone in this. Many of us share these complicated days of reluctance.
How to overcome it then?
I remember my personal triumphs, of those occasions when I DID reach the moon, of how powerful it is to share a Path, of what the vision I chose means, of the happiness that is experienced when seeing today's work accomplished. . That's what I'm left with.
Let us continue to make generous efforts to do what we have chosen every day. There will not be perfect days but it is part of the process, or maybe suddenly and if one or another appears!
Ganbatte Kudasai!

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Muy enriquecedor. Concuerdo, muchas ocasiones nos fallamos, pero lo importante esta en ver nuestros puntos fuertes, reforzarlos y vencer poco a poco los que nos debilitan. El esfuerzo continuo es clave en este camino.

Romina P.

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