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At some point in our lives, we all go through periods of anguish, sadness and depression. At those times, most people look for a way to get out of bed to face life's problems, but when that reason is not enough strong, many prefer to lie down looking for compassion, but not those who practice Karate Do.

The Karate Do practitioner has the physical and mental strength, has motivation and most importantly and fundamentally, DISCIPLINE, to continue, face and overcome problems with courage and move forward in this beautiful art of the empty hand.

In many cases, maintaining motivation is difficult. There are times when we are not in the mood, we do not find ourselves, the causes can be complicated, everyday problems, stress, financial problems, etc. There are many reasons why we find it difficult to be motivated, but that is where discipline comes in.

Discipline is doing things when you have to do them, whether you want to or not. Discipline is a fundamental part of Karate Do, without discipline there is no improvement. A student or teacher without discipline will not find the essence of this martial art, they will not know what KARATE DO really is.

In my opinion, discipline is the most difficult thing to acquire, which is why it is very important to teach it to students at a very early age, so that it does not cost them work in the future. MOTIVATION AND DISCIPLINE are of utmost importance in the PATH OF THE EMPTY HAND.

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Oss Sensei.
Inclusive la disciplina es más deseada que la motivación. Un abrazo grande para usted.


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