Partiendo las nubes, encontrando el camino - Sensei Ogarrio Perkins

Parting the clouds, finding the way - Sensei Ogarrio Perkins

Hatsuun Jindo

Calligraphy by Gichin Funakoshi

Master Funakoshi, founder of the Shotokan Karate Do school, was the one who structured and systematized karate, first integrating it into educational programs in Okinawa and later in Japan. His success was due to the great philosophical and moral burden of his school, translating the philosophy into movement, which is closely linked to BUDO, I will refer to this calligraphy where it makes an analogy of Taoist philosophy. The clouds, which are between the earth and the sky, are like the characters of the I-CHIN, three of which represent time and space or the present, and another three that represent the sky or the eternal, combining the trigrams, for example. On one side are the clouds and on the other the path, the path is the path that has already been dictated since the beginning of time regarding morality and the conduct of human beings, in karate we know it as the DOJO KUN or code of ethics, The path is there and it is a matter of walking on that path, the clouds represent what is between heaven and earth, the temporal and the eternal; In the human being it represents doubts, setbacks, beliefs and everything that our mind creates, however when these clouds are separated it is possible to see clearly and it refers to understanding, like the rays of the sun, which illuminates without distinction. to all beings on this planet.
Summarizing these elements, he tells us that the basis for being on the path is discipline and education, in this way we can free ourselves from ignorance and ego and in this way travel along the path of humility and self-realization, without boasting of nothing and living according to natural and divine laws.
The teaching consists of being diligent in our discipline and dedicated to our work and family and not getting distracted by mundane or trivial things.
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